DC Comics - my Sea & Sky stories

[Dick/Garth, Tim] The guys establish a Sunday tradition.

Four Days
[Dick/Garth] a "Ghost Story": Dick and Garth take time off to be together.

A Reality-Based Fairy Tale
[Dick/Garth] Domesticity sets in...but it's not all smooth sailing.

In the Mirror
[Dick/Garth] Beauty's in the eye of the beholder.

For Show
[Dick/Garth] Performance time.

The Show Must Go On
[Dick/Garth] Performance time redux.

Whatever You Want
[Dick/Garth, Tim, Lian] Is it possible to be too accommodating?

[Dick/Garth] Dick needs some tlc.

[Dick/Garth] Simple things stir old memories.

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening
[Dick/Garth] Garth takes a moment to stop.

the Call
[Dick/Garth] Dick and Garth take the second step.

[Dick/Garth] Garth and Bruce discuss Dick's continued employment at the BPD.

[Dick/Garth] Telling the Titans was easy. (Set after Sea and Sky: Revelations and Conversations.)

[Dick/Garth] A homecoming.

Life After Death
[Garth/others] Garth doesn't know how.