K Project fanfiction

Chocolate Martini
[Mikoto/Totsuka + Kusanagi] Kusanagi just wanted to do something nice for Totsuka's birthday...

[Mikoto/Totsuka] Mikoto and Totsuka return from a negotiation.

[Fushimi, Yata, Akiyama, Fuse, Munakata, Awashima] Fushimi isn't having a good day.

The Theory of the First Kiss
[Anna/Fushimi(ISH), Kusanagi, Totsuka, Yata, Munakata, Fuse, Fushimi/Akiyama (implied)] Anna reads an interesting article and sets out to determine her own fate.

[Mikoto/Totsuka] Mikoto remembers Totsuka's birthday.

of the mind
[Awashima, Yata/Fushimi (implied), Akiyama/Fushimi, Kusanagi, Anna] Something terrible has happened...

Special Reserve
[Munakata/Mikoto] Munakata and Mikoto share a night of drinking and more.

Welcome Home
[Mikoto/Totsuka, Munakata, Fushimi, Akiyama, Awashima, Fuse, Yata, Anna, Kamamoto, Kusanagi] At the end of the last episode of season one, Mikoto Suoh and Totsuka Tatara

Chaos v Order
[Mikoto/Munakata, Mikoto/Totsuka, Kusanagi, Anna, Yata, Fushimi, Awashima] The Red King and the Blue King meet, and things change.

Playing, Straying, Staying
[Shiro/Kuroh, Neko] Neko takes off, so Shiro and Kuroh have to find her.

[Mikoto/Totsuka, Kusanagi] Totsuka has a request for his birthday.

It's in his
[Totsuka/Fushimi, Totsuka/Mikoto, Yata, Kusanagi] Yata-chan needs to know

[Kokujyouji/Weismann, Claudia, Shiro/Kuroh, Neko] Weismann is untouchable, but Shiro isn't.

[Fushimi, Munakata, Awashima] Munakata takes a liking to someone, and takes a chance.

that Afternoon
[Fushimi, Kusangai, Totsuka/Mikoto, Anna] Fushimi has something to tell HOMRA

[Fushimi/Yata] A maybe-typical day in the high school life of Fushimi and Yata

[Fushimi/Awashima, Munakata/Fushimi, Benzai, Yata] Fushimi Saruhiko, after the death of the Red King

[Shiro/Kuroh, Neko] After it's over, it's not over.