DC Comics - my J'onnverse fics

A Night at the Theater
[J'onn/Bruce] Bruce asks J'onn to accompany him for a special date.

[J'onn/Bruce] Response to chicago's Many Faces Challenge.

Among Us
[J'onn/Bruce] J'onn takes Bruce on a traditional date... to a college football game. A J'onnverse 30/30 story.

The Bodyguard
[J'onn/Bruce] Some things are just a question of taste. A J'onnverse 30/30 story.

For a Song
[J'onn/Bruce] Bruce picks a night of entertainment from the other side. A J'onnverse 30/30 story.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame
[J'onn/Bruce, Dick] Ficlet on Demand! for Chicago.

Lost and Found
[J'onn/Bruce] J'onn realizes how lucky he is.