DC Comics: The Incidentals Series

[Dick/just about everyone, dub-con Dick/Bruce, Dick/Tim] Dick's story, in another life. dvd-style commentary

[suggested dub-con Bruce/Dick, Dick/Tim, Angel] Sequel to Incidentals; Bruce tells his side.

A Moment of Waiting
[Dick/Tim, Babs, Angel] Tim waits.

[Babs, Tim, Dick, Bruce] Set during the first story. Babs learns about Tim's attraction to Dick.

[Dick/Tim] Dick's secret is out!

[Dick/Tim] For Darklady's "not having sex" challenge.

[Dick/omc, Tim] Dick loses himself in the moment.

[Dick/Tim, Dick/Joey, Tim/Kon] Afterglow leads to story time for Dick and Tim.

Silent Night
[Dick/Tim] Christmas traditions.

Proposal (You Got Engaged?!)
[Dick/Tim, Jack Drake, Angel] The worst and best day of Tim's life.

Forbidden Territory
[Dick/Tim, dub-con Bruce/Dick, Terry] History repeats itself.

Coming Out
[Cass, Dick, Babs] The first of three incidentals pieces that feature Cassandra.

[Cass/omc, Dick, Bruce, Tim, Terry, Babs, Alfred] Cassandra has a boyfriend, and the Bat disapproves.

[Dick/Tim, Cass/Steph] Cass and Steph take a new step.

The Shortest Incidentals Fic
[Dinah, Babs] Dinah has a question...

Oh, You Better Watch Out...
[Angel, Babs, Dick] Angel learns of an insidious threat to her happiness.

They Don't Call 'Em Iron Chefs for Nothing
[Dick/Tim] Dick teaches Tim the joys of the Food Network.

[Dick/Tim, Angel] Tim and Dick must face some hard questions.

Lights Out
[Dick/Tim, Bruce, bondage] It's a quiet night when the lights go out... at least for a while.

[Dick/Tim] Dick and Tim usher in the New Year in their usual style.

Dating Game
[Angel, Dick/Tim] Tim and Angel talk about love.

Picture Perfect
[Dick/Tim] Tim finds something in Dick's things.

Changed Guard by Chicago
[Dick, Terry, Bruce, Angel, Tim] Bruce takes care of Dick for a night.

Moving On
[Dick/Tim, Amy] Dick takes the next step.

Parting Glass
[Bruce, Dick/Tim, Angel, deathfic] Bruce faces the end.

Flight Progression by Chicago
[Bruce, Dick, Tim] A lesson leads to memories.

[Bruce, Dick] Bruce tries to keep Dick safe.

A Little Help from a Friend
[Tim, J'onn] Tim is exhausted, and in need of some help.

Haute Couture
[Dick/Joey] Dressing is hard.

[Garth/Dick, Garth/Donna] Garth writes it down.

Paint Your Face
[Dick/Tim, Babs, Angel] Tim wants to go someplace special, but Dick insists on the dress code.

Truth Among Lies
[Dick/Tim, Terry, Connor] Terry finds there is no safe haven.

Roses at Christmas
[Dick, Tim] Dick tries on one of Bruce's habits.

Waking Up
[Angel, Dick/Tim] Dick needs to assert himself.

[Angel, Bruce, Dick] Angel has something she needs to ask Bruce.