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[Duo/Trowa, Duo/Heero, past/one-sided Quatre/Trowa, past/one-sided Relena/Heero] Duo and Trowa are forced to try group therapy.

Jaded Trade
[Duo/Solo/Hilde, Duo/Heero, Duo/random people, Quatre, Zechs] Sex for sale, lives on the line, and friendship leading to more...


fic series

[Wu Fei/Duo] Wu Fei fights a monster.
[Wu Fei/Duo] the Warrior keeps his promise to the Monster.

Choir Box
[Zechs/Treize, Treize/Une, Noin, Sally, one-sided Relena/Heero, suggestive Heero/Duo, Dorothy, one-sided Hilde/Duo, Father Maxwell, Sister Helen, Mr. & Mrs. Peacecraft, Walker, Otto] a different kind of song fic, we offer you a song and a fic, thematically linked, that compliment each other. Lethanon chose the theme of Choir Box to suit the musical style she was going to use.
Lethanon was in charge of music, and i provided the stories. this is an AU setting, modern real world, centered at Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow.



New Pet
[Heero/Duo, Wu Fei, Trowa] Heero decides to relent...

right green
[Heero/Duo] Duo gets Heero ready for the convention...

Rite of Reconciliation
[Heero/Duo] Heero becomes interested in the Church

Corruption cowritten with fancyfigures
[Heero/Duo, Duo/Trowa, Wu Fei] Trowa won't let anything get between him, and the object of his desire.

Taming Duo
[suggestive Heero/Duo, Quatre, Trowa, Wu Fei] Duo undergoes some training.

know the date
[Heero/Duo] Heero and Duo mull over the card section.

[Heero/Duo] Heero thinks he knows what he wants.

[Heero/Duo, Sally] Heero gets relocated. Again.

[Heero/Duo] Just moments.

Red and Blue
[Heero/Duo] Heero and Duo find the spaces in the mission for each other.

Heero's Joke
[Heero/Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Wu Fei] Heero tells a joke.

Artificial Light
[Heero/Duo, Duo/Trowa] Duo drifts between choices.

[Heero/Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Wu Fei, Relena, Zechs] Heero is compelled to round out his relationship with Duo.

Cute Teeth
[Heero/Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Relena, Wu Fei] Heero becomes involved with an unusual person. (AU)

She Said
[Duo/Hilde, Heero/Duo] After the war, lives are being rebuilt.

House Rules
[Heero/Duo] Duo makes a bet.

The Kitsune's Treasure
[Heero/Duo, Relena, Trowa, Quatre] A samurai is preyed upon by a very clever fox.

Hidden Eyes
[Heero/Duo, Trowa, Relena] Heero is entranced, but he needs to see past the mask...

Cross and Crown
[Heero/Duo, Duo/Trowa, Father Maxwell, Relena, Dorothy] Duo prepares for the dawn (AU, deathfic).

Engagement Period
[Heero/Duo, Hilde] Heero thinks it's time to shake up the routine.

To Be Sure
[Heero/Duo, Hilde] Heero needs to keep checking.

[Heero/Duo] Duo offers his help.

[Heero/Duo] Heero is sick, but he still has to get the groceries.

[Heero/Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Wu Fei] Heero contemplates Duo.

In Chains
[Heero/Duo, Quatre, Rashid] Heero finds himself inexorably drawn in (Bloody Kisses Ficlet)

Fight Club
[Heero/Duo, Trowa, Wu Fei] Heero watches Duo fight.

Touch of Fingers
[Heero/Duo] Duo dreams of his roommate.

[Heero/Duo] New Year's Eve on L2.

[Heero/Duo, Quatre/Trowa, Wu Fei, Relena] A Halloween theme party, ie, the flimsy excuse to get boys into drag.

Call and Answer
[Heero/Duo, past Heero/Relena, Trowa, Wu Fei, Quatre, Sally] Heero takes a trip down memory lane, and finds himself back where he started.

House and Garden
[Heero/Duo, one-sided Relena/Heero, Quatre/Trowa, Wu Fei/Hilde, Zechs/Noin] Heero, Duo, and Relena share a house with many secrets. dvd-style commentary

Before It Began
[Heero/Duo] Duo and Heero on the Beach

Breaking it Down
[one-sided Heero/Duo] Heero works out the details of his fixation with Duo.

Kissing Death
[Heero/Duo, Relena/OFC, Solo, suggestive Quatre/Trowa, suggestive Zechs/Treize, Wu Fei, Mariemaia, Hilde] Relena and her girlfriend cast out a net, but she catches a lesson in death.

Duo's Smile
[Heero/Duo, one-sided Relena/Heero, one-sided Dorothy/Relena, Zecha, Quatre/Trowa, past Wu Fei/Duo, Catherine, Sally, Noin, Rashid] Duo and Heero come together, from the past.



the Neighbor's Dog
[Duo/Trowa, Heero] The backyard neighbor's dog is matchmaking.

Wounded animals
[Duo/Trowa, Heero, Quatre] Duo takes on a mission for the Preventers, and Trowa waits for him to come back home.

[Duo/Trowa] Trowa plans.

December 21rst
[Duo/Trowa, mentions of Heero, Quatre, Wu Fei, Treize, Zechs] Duo and Trowa, the soltice.

life in the zoo
[Duo/Trowa] Duo, Trowa, and all their animals

[Duo/Trowa, Quatre] Trowa answers.

in your eyes
[Duo/Trowa] Duo and Trowa go exploring together...

Corruption cowritten with fancyfigures
[Heero/Duo, Duo/Trowa, Wu Fei] Trowa won't let anything get between him, and the object of his desire.

one week
[Duo/Trowa, Wu Fei, Quatre, Zechs, Relena, suggestive Duo/Heero] Duo and Trowa aren't quite made in heaven...

Lost Vows
[Duo/Trowa] Trowa confesses his sins (AU)

[Duo/Trowa, Heero] Duo gives Trowa another option.

Artificial Light
[Heero/Duo, Duo/Trowa] Duo drifts between choices.

Getting it Right
[Duo/Trowa, Quatre] Trowa wants to give Duo a Christmas.

Cross and Crown
[Heero/Duo, Duo/Trowa, Father Maxwell, Relena, Dorothy] Duo prepares for the dawn (AU, deathfic).

[Duo/Trowa, some Duo/Heero, Quatre, Wu Fei] Duo reflects on the path of his desire, and life.

Nine Tenths
[Duo/Trowa] Duo goes back to scratch an itch. (Bloody Kisses Ficlet)

Memory Lane
[Duo/Trowa, mentions of Heero] Duo and Trowa reflect on life and death.

Outside In
[Duo/Trowa, Duo/Heero (platonic)] Heero watches Duo and Trowa.

Just Words
[Duo/Trowa] Duo realizes he's never said it.

Pretty Lies
[Trowa/Quatre, Duo/Heero, Duo/Trowa] Things start to happen, unexpectedly.

End of the World
[Duo/Trowa] Duo and Trowa face the end together, possibly.

[Duo/Trowa] Duo needs something.

[Duo/Trowa, Catherine, Quatre] Trowa wins.



Rights of Ownership
[implied Heero/Duo, Duo/Zechs] Duo makes himself Heero's slave (bastard!Heero, au)

[Heero/Duo, Wu Fei] ...Heero is a bastard sometimes.


duo/wu fei

the rope to bind you
[Duo/Fei, Quatre, Trowa, Heero] Wu Fei and Duo go to a family reunion of sorts.

In Pursuit of the Goal
[Duo/Wu Fei] Wu Fei longs for perfection.

the Living and the Dead
[Duo/Wu Fei, implied past Duo/Heero, ghosts of Solo and Meilin] Duo listens to his voices.

Paper Offering
[Duo/Wu Fei] It's been a whole year.

[Duo/Wu Fei] After a mission, Wu Fei and Duo wait to go home.



the smell of blood
[Heero/Duo/Trowa] Heero seeks to get in the middle of his prey

[Duo/Heero/Trowa] Duo contemplates his hair.

[Heero/Duo/Trowa] Heero, Duo, and somehow Trowa. Trouble.

Marking Time
[Heero/Trowa/Wu Fei] Three cold souls pass the time.

[Heero/Duo/Trowa] ...the waiting is the hardest part.

[Duo/Wu Fei/Heero] Fei teaches Heero and Duo about sharing. (Bloody Kisses Ficlet)



[Noin, Treize, Leia Barton, mentions of Zechs] Noin and Treize, set during Episode Zero.

[vaguely Zechs/Treize] Zechs forgot...

Time of Your Life
[Heero/Relena, Heero/Hilde, Duo, Trowa, Relena/Quatre, Wu Fei] Heero and Duo survive high school.

[Trowa/Kohaku, Trowa/Quatre, Koryu] Trowa discovers something unexpected in a tree. (fusion with Wish)

Winter in Russia
[Zechs, Une, Treize mentioned] Time to reflect leads to nostalgia.

[characters/pairings] Trowa drives Wu Fei up a tree.

family christmas
[Dorothy, Treize] Dorothy and Treize have a heart to heart.

[Zechs, Duo] Zechs, the snow, and death.

Sunshine Day Care
[Trowa, Duo, Heero, Wu Fei, Zechs, Treize, Relena, Hilde, Dorothy, Quatre, Sally] lunchtime, as seen from the tree (chibis)

Queen's Sacrifice
[Quatre, Relena, Zechs, Heero, Duo, Trowa, Wu Fei, Hilde] Quatre has to make a hard choice.

[Heero, Duo/Solo, Howard] Duo and Heero, on Howard's ship, with a twist.

Nessun Dorma
[Quatre/Zechs, Relena, Duo/Trowa] A slice of the course of love for two gentleman soldiers.

[Heero/Quatre, mentions of Relena] Heero forgets, but he's forgiven.

[Trowa/Wu Fei] The beginning of their day.

Blood Pledge
[Quatre/Trowa, Rashid, Quatre's sisters] Quatre lets off some heat. (Bloody Kisses Ficlet)