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Tales of Symphonia

[Zelos/Lloyd] in the Gaoracchia Forrest, Zelos attempts to cheer Lloyd up.

[Zelos/Lloyd] Zelos and Lloyd, not at home.

End of the Road
[past Zelos/Lloyd, much past Kratos/Zelos, Colette, Sheena, Genis] Zelos contemplates, and Kratos counsels.

Time to Grieve
[seemingly one-sided Kratos/Zelos, past Zelos/Lloyd] Zelos slowly comes to terms with his grief.

A Slow Bleed
[past Lloyd/Zelos, Kratos/Zelos, Sheena] Zelos desires healing.

[past Kratos/Zelos, Kratos/Anna, Zelos/Lloyd] Lloyd doesn't know what he's getting himself into with Zelos. (AU)

for Always
[Kratos/Zelos, Mithos, Zelos/Lloyd] Zelos wants something from Lloyd.

[Kratos/Anna] Kratos dreams.

Sweet Dreams
[Kratos/Zelos/Lloyd... sort of] Zelos has a dream.



Final Fantasy VIII

[Irvine/Squall] Squall wants stress relief




lept to faith
[Ico/Yorda] Yorda's not sure why she trusts him so...