DC Comics: Dick/Other fanfiction

Sex Magix
[Dick/Jason, Batman, Zatanna] Jason has an affliction, but Dick has the cure...

[Dick/Harvey, Bruce, Barbara] Dick must protect Bruce from Two-Face. (rape)

Brotherly Love
[Dick/Tim] Tim questions Dick on his kissing etiquette. for Starluck Asia's fic challenge.

For Him
[implied Clark/Dick, Martha Kent] Clark prepares for a special Christmas.

[Dick/Terry] Terry goes to talk to Dick.

[Dick/Ollie... somewhat] Little challenge ficcy.

Just Sex
[Dick/Ollie] Dick uses Ollie for stress relief - answer to the Anti Hearts and Flowers (aka Raw Sex) Challenge.

[Dick/Babs, one-sided Dick/Tim] "Holy S#!^! You're a virgin?" first line 50 word challenge response...

[past Dick/Don, Dick/Clark, Lois, Titans] When Dick's love life runs afoul, he gets by with a little help from a friend. ^_~

In My Life
[Dick/OMC, Bruce, Alfred, Barbara, Titans] Dickie tells his life story, focusing on when he was a young twink in love....