DC Comics: Dick/Garth fanfiction

swim fan
[Michael Phelps, Garth/Dick] A meeting is arranged.

trudging through to tuesday
[Dick/Garth, Leslie, Bruce, Alfred] Dick finally realizes something is lacking in him. (AU)

December 24th
[Dick/Garth] It's Christmas Eve, so naturally, time to start Christmas shopping...

Nowhere home
[Dick/Garth] Dick looks for a place to stay. (AU)

[Dick/Garth] Dick notices something new.

Double Indemnity
[ Dick/Bruce, Dick/Garth, Dick/Babs, Garth/Bruce] Dick's admirers get out of hand.

Baby, you can drive my car
[Dick/Garth] Dick, Garth, a fabulous car, and sex.

Ice Cream
Dick/Garth, past Dick/Bruce, Titans, batfamily] Another take on a Nightwing/Tempest relationship, and how it came to be.

First Embrace
[Dick/Garth, Titans, implied Bruce/Dick, Alfred] Dick and Garth share a night to remember...