D.Gray-man fanfiction

[Komui/Reever] Reever checks in on Komui.

seduction and courtship
[Komui, Reever, Jerry, Lenalee, Lavi, Kanda] Komui becomes smitten.

[Lavi/Kanda, Hevlaska, Lenalee, Komui, Cross, Allen, others] Kanda is the bearer of bad tidings for Ravi. (AU)

When we were gone astray
[Komui, Lenalee, Reever, Cross, others] Komui and the concept of salvation...

dreamers, duet
[Komui/Hevlaska (sort of), Reever, Lenalee, Kanda, Lavi, Allen, Miranda] Komui regrets, but Hevlaska wants him to rest.

In Thanks for Heka
[Komui/Cross, pretty much everyone in the Black Order] Komui, in the center of the celebrations in the Black Order, great and small.

that we bear
[Komui/Cross, Lenalee] Komui will do anything to be with Lenalee again.

[Cross/Komui, Lenalee, others] Cross needs to return 'home,' so he might as well entertain himself while there...