DC Comics: Other fanfiction

[Harley/Ivy] Harley comes back home.

[Alfred, Tim, Dick, Bruce] Alfred can't always be there for them...

Idle Speculation
[Clark, Jason, Lois/Richard, Perry, Batman] Perry's plot to get Lois back to covering Superman leads to some interesting speculation.

free falling
[Richard/Kal-el/Lois, Jason] Richard can't believe what he's gotten himself into.

the dark
[Terry, Ace, Bruce] Terry reflects.

just one of those
[Dinah, Johnny] It hasn't been one of Dinah's best days.

[Batman and/or Bruce Wayne, batfamily] Contemplation on the nature of time and identity.

Lubb Dubb
[Piper/someone] Piper contemplates a heart beat.

[Tim/Connor] Some things take practice...

Every Little Thing
[Harley/Ivy, mentions of Jokey/Harley] Ivy reflects on the nature of her attachment to Harley.

Look Back
[Raven/Star, Beast Boy, Cyborg] unrequited crush, and a need for understanding (Teen Titans animated series continuity)

First Impressions
[Batman, Alfred, Superman, Jimmy Olsen] Batman and Superman meet for the first time.

Half Right
[Eel/Woozy] Eel prepares for some summer fun.

Bad Dream
[Tim/Wally (sorta), Dick/Roy] ...yeah.

Careless Talk
[Roy, Dinah] Dinah and Roy chat.

[Tim/J'onn (ish)] Tim is afraid he's going insane.

Dirty Need
[Wally/Piper] Piper finds he is not alone.

Just Try
[Babs/Dinah] Dinah offers to fill in.

[Bruce, Hal, J'onn-as-John, Barry, Clark] Five close friends get together to talk.

Wild Magic Challenge: Rival Desires
[Babs/Helena] Part of DL's Wild Magic challenge. When the burst of light hits Gotham, strange bedfellows indeed are made.

Morpheus Rex
[Batman, Dream] Batman meets a powerful king in the strangest of lands.

[Virgil/Richie] Richie doesn't want to explain.