DC Comics: Bruce/Dick fanfiction

day's journey
[Bruce/Dick, Alfred] Dick helps Bruce to get a good night's sleep.

[Bruce/Dick] Nightwing helps Batman clean up.

Proof of Faith
[Bruce/Dick, ofc] Is Batman real?

[Bruce/Dick] Dick has returned. (animated series continuity)

Performance Time
[Bruce/Dick] Dick pulls out his exhibitionism.

Down With Love
[Dick/Garth, Dick/Roy, Dick/Kyle, Dick/Clark, Dick/Bruce] Dick makes a decision - he's had it with love.

[Dick, Bruce, Superman, Alfred] Batman makes Robin leave the Superfriends party early. (yes, i said superfriends...)

Last Dance
[Bruce/Dick] Bruce and Dick share the last dance.

[Bruce/Dick, Justice League, Batgirl] In the Watchtower, Dick tends to Batman and his own fears. JL animated series fic.

[attempted Ra's/Dick, Bruce, Talia] Robin's in a bad spot....

[Bruce/Dick, Talia] Last page challenge fic.

The Fall
[Bruce/Dick, Alfred, Tim, Barbara] challenge response - au/elseworlds challenge

[Bruce/Dick, Garth/Dick, Barbara] Dick and Babs look back and think about change.

Dangerous Comfort
[Bruce/Dick] Batman knows Robin is off-limits, but can't help thinking...

[one-sided Bruce/Dick, implied Dick/Joey] Batman develops a new routine once Dick leaves the Manor.

Black Coffee and Cigarettes
[Bruce/Dick] Dick indulges himself in some bad habits.

[one-sided Bruce/Dick, mentions of Barbara] It's not the snow that makes the Batman cold... (challenge fic)

[Bruce/Dick] Starting over, with a kiss (challenge fic)

[Bruce, Dick, Tim, Barbara] Being a vigilante means the morning after is always worse than the night before.

Double Indemnity
[ Dick/Bruce, Dick/Garth, Dick/Babs, Garth/Bruce] Dick's admirers get out of hand.

Inspired By
[Dick/OMC, Dick/Barbara, implied Dick/Bruce, Tim, Alfred, Gordon] The story of Nightwing from the animated series--the part we didn't see on tv.

Dating Batman
[Bruce/Dick, Tim, Barbara, Alfred, Lucius Fox] Falling in love isn't easy, but it is rewarding. Sequel to "Inspired By."

After Night's End
[Dick/vampires, Dick/Bruce, batfamily, Titans] A chance encounter, and Dick's life ends and begins anew... a Vamp fic.

Winter Rose
[Dick/Ollie, Dick/other established older male, Dick/Bruce, Alfred, Hal Jordan] The most beautiful part of adolescence is surviving it...

[Bruce/Dick] Friendship, love, and miscommunication. Sequel to First Embrace.

[Bruce/Dick, Alfred, Tim, Lucius Fox] Bruce is plagued by very pleasant dreams.

Falling Asleep
[Bruce/Dick, past Dick/Garth and Dick/Roy] Dick takes the next step after trust... Sequel to Insomnia.

[Bruce/Dick, Mad Hatter, Leslie, Alfred] Batman falls under the Mad Hatter's spell, and has a wonderful dream he can't, or won't, escape.

Small Talk, First Try
[Bruce/Dick, Tim, Barbara] Tim has fun with his batty friends.

Small Talk, Second Try
[implied Dick/Garth, Barbara, Bruce, Tim] Overheard from a rooftop one night...

Small Talk, Third Try
[Bruce/Dick, Tim, Alfred] Dick makes Bruce watch movies, and Tim and Alfred talk and train at the same time.