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herein you will find the fanfiction of trixie/nw's chick. also known as trixiechick. or trixie_chick. or trixiedragon. please make use of the dropdown menus above to choose a fandom. there's quite a few fandoms (50+), and lots of fics (900+), spanning several years now (at least 12, not really sure how many...). each page is sorted roughly newest to oldest, for the most part, except for series, which are oldest to newest. i think. look for the color-changing target for the newest works of a particular page.

if you encounter any problems, glitches, or errors, please let me know, thank you! the site overhaul is still not entirely complete... if you see a fic with incomplete header information in the index, then it will lead to one of the old pages. (pages that are not complete: Prince of Tennis). links on the fic pages of those fandoms won't work to navigate, so please use your browser's back button. thank you.

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