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The Public Eye

by Chicago




Billionaire "devastated" by Actress's betrayal!

Story by Goldie Johnston The six month romance between the youthful Gotham blueblood and the Los Angeles based television star came to a very public end this week when Brittany Rollins ("Connor's Stream") left a recent JLA event on the arm of JLA member Green Arrow. Although earlier reports indicated the couple was quite happy, both Gotham and Hollywood insiders claim the break was long in coming. "Brucie's charitable work was starting to come between them," Eloise Stanton explained in an exclusive interview. "Brittany wanted too much of his time - and his money. I know poor Brucie was just devastated by her betrayal. A superhero! I hope she gets what she deserves." Rollins' co-star, Hilary Solden, had this to say on the famous couple: "Yeah, Brittany's always had this thing for superheroes. I think Bruce was starting to bore her." Although Bruce Wayne could not be [continued page 4]


The Black Canary managed not to stare daggers at Green Arrow's departing back as he linked arms with the blond who'd been flirting with him ever since the formal press conference had degenerated into a meet and greet. There were too many tabloid reporters around - it wouldn't be good to encourage them to speculate about love affairs in the JLA.

"It's the old jealousy ploy," a voice said near her ear.

She started, then relaxed. "Oh. Hi, Ray." She still was not entirely used to the newest JLA member's habit of perching his diminuitive form on the shoulders of his teammates. "Jealousy ploy?"

Ray Palmer, best known to the world as the Atom, smiled. "Oldest answer in the book to the 'hard to get' routine."

"What?" Dinah objected, managing to keep her face pleasant. No sense suggesting that there was friction on the team either.

"C'mon, Dinah. Ollie's been after you big time, but you'll hardly give him the time of day."

"I don't see - oh! Excuse me!"

In her anger, she hadn't been paying close enough attention to where she was going in the milling crowd. Now she had stumbled into one of the Gotham glitterati.

Bruce Wayne reached out instinctively to steady the young woman who had bumped into him. "Quite all right," he reassured casually, then paused. "Black Canary, is it?"

Dinah nodded. "And the Atom," she introduced. "I'm so sorry. I wasn't paying attention -"

Bruce managed to make his face smile warmly. He so did not enjoy having this crowd of superheroes in his town. "Oh, the crowd is pretty tight. I'm surprised more people haven't run into me. Bruce Wayne."

He extended his hand, and she took it, her expression becoming curious and - interested. This would never do - especially since his date had just walked off with another man. He'd just have to plow through some pleasantries and make his escape.

"I have to say I'm most impressed by all your Justice League has done, Miss Canary," he said smoothly.

"Oh - it's not my Justice League. We're a team. Right, Atom?"

Ray Palmer nodded, glancing with interest from Dinah to Bruce. "Absolutely."

"Black Canary, Atom, there you are!" The crowd parted in front of the Martian Manhunter as he made his way to his teammates, Bruce noticed. They weren't too comfortable with a 6'7" green beetle-browed alien, no matter how much they celebrated his team.

*Neither were you at first,* the telepath projected, a hint of humor in the thought. "What's up, J'onn?" Dinah asked. "Nothing too serious. The Flash was just suggesting that it's about time we headed out."

Dinah nodded. "Right." She smiled at Bruce. "Well, it was nice meeting you, Mr. Wayne. Maybe another time?"

"Well, hopefully Gotham won't be needing a superhero rescue any time soon, but it was good to meet you anyway," Bruce replied brightly, resisting the urge to growl. No sense making the JLA feel like Gotham was part of their playground.

*It would be easier to make that point if the Batman would join us,* he heard J'onn project into his head.

*You're cracked,* he projected back, only to be answered by the telepathic equivalent of a warm laugh.

*Think about it anyway.*

*Already thought about it. No. But thanks anyway. And thanks for the save.*

*My pleasure. Anything else I can do for you?*

Bruce started to shake his head as he watched the JLA team members move back toward the Flash and Green Lantern. Then he paused. *Can you do something about the tabloids?*

The Martian turned, and the corners of his mouth turned up in an amused smile.

[continued from the front page] reached for comment. "I think Brucie has learned from this heartbreaking experience," Stanton remarked, at the same time denying allegations that she might have contributed to the split. "Brucie and I are just the best of friends." More details are expected as...

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