Waking, "part 0"

by Chicago

Disclaimers: Characters and settings owned by DC Comics. They've been borrowed for fun, not for profit. The situation and plot belong to us.

Approximately month 8 of the J'onnverse.

Canon notes:

part 2: Max Mercury's ability to commune with the Speedforce is detailed in various issues of Impulse.

part 3: Details of Barry Allen's demise in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

part 4: "Ra's Babel effect" is a reference to JLA 43-47

part 5: Explanation of J'onn's "home in the Gobi" in MM 23 (a gift of the Spectre). K'hym's words and M'yri'ah's reactions come from MM 0. References to the sleeping Martian gods in MM 12 and 33.

part 9: Thanks to Darklady for insight into Plasticman on this one, and see JLA 50-54, 60, 65 and JLA Incarnations 7 for implications that lend that insight weight.

part 10: Explanation of zo'ok in MM 8. History of Bruce's zo'ok in Darklady's fic, "Ace," and in "Paper Hearts." H'ronmeer's Curse - pretty much any issue of MM, but particularly 0, 5-9, and 34, and the 1988 mini.

part 11: Martian theology cobbled together from MM 12, 33, and 1988 mini. Martian relationship to water from JLA: Foreign Bodies. Explanation behind Martian trueform in MM 14.

part 13: J'onn's message to Kyle from MM 36. The 853rd century references from DC 1,000,000. The White Martians were banished to the Phantom Zone in JLA 58.

part 16: Green Lantern stopping a super-nova refers to DC 1,000,000.

part 18: J'onn shut down his body in the JLA mini "Paradise Lost."

part 19: Doctor Mid-nite's remembered crash from Matt Wagner-authored Doctor Mid-nite TPB. Hippolyta (Wonder Woman's mother and member of the JSA) died sometime during Our Worlds at War.

part 20: The quotation from J'onn's mother comes from MM 33.

part 23: Amy Rohrbach's family got all of three panels in NW, but they are canon.

part 25: Thanks to Luke for letting me borrow the "crash room." Superman's memory of Batman's search for Lois, including the quote, comes from Action Comics 766.

Continuity notice: OWaW is within JV continuity. Canon developments after JLA #58 are adopted as they appeal to us. At present, we are ignoring the Bruce Wayne: Murderer/Fugitive storyline as presented in canon. The "Obsidian Age" JLA arc is replaced by "All's Fair" in this 'verse.

Rating: Runs the gamut from G to R, some violence, some adult themes.

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