All's Fair, "part 0"

By Chicago

Disclaimers: Characters and settings owned by DC Comics. They've been borrowed for fun, not for profit. The situation and plot belong to me.

Continuity note: This fic deals with a loose end from Our World's at War, but don't ask me to explain that crossover - I got it in summary and checked with 'rith for canon points. This entire 'verse takes as its departure point from canon JLA #58. Developments in canon since then will be included capriciously, but in this case, assume the JLA has not had an adventure since JLA #58. As previously noted, the Bruce Wayne: Murderer arc never happened in this 'verse.

Canon notes:

Part 1 - references to first JLA series, issues #259-263

Part 2 - references to MM #10 (slash fans, check this issue for the story behind Beatriz and Tora)

Part 3 - the Slab ended up in Antarctica in Joker: the Last Laugh

Part 4 - Poseidonis was teleported "somewhere" unknown by Tempest in an effort to save the city during OWaW

Part 5 - Zatanna's spells can be read by reading each word backwards

Part 6 - references JL Task Force #14

Part 8 - the Centurian appears in JLA 80 page giant #3, Prometheus was introduced in the "New Year's Evil" series in 1998, Mordru to the best of my knowledge was last seen in JSA: Justice Be Done

Part 10 - the last time the JLA stormed Everest was in the JLI era, the "Judgment Day" arc in JLA 89-91, JLTF 13-14, and JLI 65-66. This was the "Overmaster" incident that gets referred to

Part 12 - references JLA (current run) #17-18

Part 17 - references JLI #16

Part 19 - references JLA (current run) #50-54, and a brief story arc that I somehow don't have right before No Man's Land. If I recall correctly it was in 'Tec and called "Citizen Bruce Wayne" The pocket in Superman's cape is canon, referenced in JLA #50 (it's where he keeps his glasses!)

Acknowledgements: Special thanks to 'rith for help with all things Atlantean and background on Garth's current canon situation. Darklady beta'd for me and prevented me from trying to cram this story into 15 parts. Also thanks to Smitty, who is htmling this and other J'onnverse stories as part of a flattering conspiracy to get this 'verse a more public home (yes, 'rith, you guys are wearing my resistance down).

Rating: I never know how to categorize these things. The fic on the whole is PG for violence, various black magics and for implied and sometimes explicitly stated same sex relationships. Individual tolerances might move it more toward PG-13, and an extremely conservative reader might rate it R in some places. But basically nothing here that couldn't possibly be drawn in a comics code comic.

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