The Martian Manlove Series

The Stories - Year One

Only Human
Batman and Martian Manhunter embark on a new path that somehow feels like home. *Set immediately after the JLA "Terror Incognito" storyline.* [Text]

The members of the JLA react to what they know and question what they don't. [Text]

On Mars, Bruce battles the Martian god H'ronmeer for the right to save J'onn's life. [Text]

Comforts of Home
Alfred returns to Wayne Manor to help J'onn recover. [Text]

Flame by Darklady
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, as J'onn faces his first flame since "Terror Incognito." [Text]

Sasha Bordreax meets Bruce's new houseguest "Alana" and reflects on how she's not really Bruce's "usual type" of girl. [Text]

Batman faces an angry and confused JLA. [Text]

Rated R for adult situations and sexual content. Bruce and J'onn try lovemaking Bruce's way. [Text]

Family Affairs
Bruce introduces Dick to his new relationship but--as usual--his history comes back to bite him in the butt. [Text]

Clark visits J'onn and frayed nerves are soothed. [Text]

Barbara helps Dick come to terms with the changes he's been forced to face. [Text]

Telling Tales Out of School
The sharing of secrets reunites Batman and Robin. [Text]

Rated R for adult situations and sexual content. J'onn brings comfort to Bruce after a hard patrol. [Text]

Tea Time
A family dinner sparks some concerns about acceptance. [Text]

Thanksgiving is for Family by Darklady
  • Chapter One
    Plasticman and his friend Woozy make the best of a Thanksgiving spent on monitor duty and Flash gets a talk about trust and tolerance. [Text]
  • Chapter Two: Comedy of Manners
    A Batfamily Thanksgiving, chock full of tradition teaches J'onn a few lessons about American holidays. [Text]

J'onn brings his side of the family into the circle. [Text]

All's Fair
The Justice League learns the fate of Atlantis. Note that in the J'onnverse, this story replaces DC canon's "Obsidian Age."
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  • Part Twelve
  • Part Thirteen
  • Part Fourteen
  • Part Fifteen
  • Part Sixteen
  • Part Seventeen
  • Part Eighteen
  • Part Nineteen
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  • Ace by Darklady
    Bruce remembers the receiving of a very special gift. [Text]

    Warmth by Darklady
    The first family Christmas for J'onn allows Bruce an element of surprise. [Text]

    Fidelity by Darklady
    After Lucius' death, Bruce must take a more active role in Wayne Enterprises. [Text]

    Paternal Instinct
    Gypsy reminds J'onn that a father's heart is true in any culture. [Text]

    The chill in the air is not just from the weather. [Text]

    I Thought I Saw A... by Darklady
    Beware of playful Martians! [Text]

    Bruce and Dick share a bonding moment after being exiled by their lovers. [Text]

    Paper Hearts by Darklady and Chicago
    It's Valentine's Day, and love is in the air... along with bullets, shrapnel, electronic scramblers...
  • Part Seventeen
  • Part Eighteen
  • Part Nineteen
  • Part Twenty
  • Part Twenty-One
  • Part Twenty-Two
  • Part Twenty-Three
  • Part Twenty-Four
  • Part Twenty-Five
  • Part Twenty-Six
  • Part Twenty-Seven
  • Part Twenty-Eight
  • Part Twenty-Nine
  • Part Thirty
  • Epilogue
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  • Dark Side of the Moon
    Superman stumbles upon J'onn's favorite stargazing spot. [Text]

    A Night at the Theater by nw's chick
    Bruce shares a tradition with J'onn. [Text]

    When the "girls" of the Batclan get together, Bruce Wayne should worry. [Text]

    Play by Darklady and Chicago
    Sometimes an alien menace is a good thing.
  • Part Five
  • Part Six
  • Part Seven
  • Part Eight
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  • The Many Faces of J'onn
    Note the first column of stories is in the main J'onnverse sequence in the order they appear.
  • Les Fraudes ne Prosperent Jamais by StarStorm
  • Unsuspecting by nw's chick
  • Old Games, New Venues by Smitty
  • Two2Tango by Darklady
  • Easter Bunny by Darklady
    The annual Wayne Charities Easter Egg Hunt gets an unexpected contribution. [Text]

    It is a time of unparalleled peace and prosperity on Earth, and it has J'onn worried.
  • Part Fifteen
  • Part Sixteen
  • Part Seventeen
  • Part Eighteen
  • Part Nineteen
  • Part Twenty
  • Part Twenty-One
  • Part Twenty-Two
  • Part Twenty-Three
  • Part Twenty-Four
  • Part Twenty-Five
  • Epilogue One
  • Epilogue Two
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  • Bedtime Stories
    The members of the Justice League recover from the events of Waking.
    In the aftermath of Waking, Bruce and J'onn reach a new understanding.
    Fugitive Endeavor by Darklady and Chicago
    Lex Luthor reactivates plans he put on hold after the events of "Terror Incognito."
    Luthor always has an escape plan. [Text]

    Plasticman confronts his attraction to Batman. [Text]

    Luthor's spin control shakes J'onn's sense of home. [Text]

    Pizza Night at Warriors
    Power Company Crossover!
    There is more than one way to be in the closet.

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