Stand-Alone Stories

On a forced vacation, Barbara Gordon finds out that home is less a place than a feeling. [Text]

In the middle of winter, a sick Robin refuses to leave his mentor to face the grueling Gotham Night.
Smitty sez: Chicago said this could be Potatoverse, but it's too good to pigeonholed to just ONE universe.

The Girl From Ipanema
Dick Grayson shadows a certain Cassandra Cain.
Smitty sez: It's stuck in my head now--read with caution!

Alfred and young Dick Grayson have more in common than one might think. [Text]

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...unfic! No Superman, but any more clues would be telling. [Text]

Pride & Ice Cream: Some Things Are Easier to Swallow Than Others
Ice cream is the key to true friendship. That and saying sorry.
Smitty sez: Partner! It's virtual ice cream. It's Absolutely Fabulous. This fic made my week.

The Public Eye
The historic first meeting of Black Canary and...Bruce Wayne?
Smitty sez: Year One fic! I love Year One fic!!!
Second Place Winner of Yellow on Black/Kicking-n-Byting Contest!

And So This Is Christmas
Martian Manhunter finds comfort in the smallest, but most meaningful of Christmas traditions.
Smitty sez: Tissue warning! I found myself inexplicably teary halfway through this one.

Tribute From Sandra
A ficlet from Sandra Miller to cheer up Chicago when the Cubs were slumping.
Smitty sez: Um, I had a bad day...I'll take a Martian...And Sandra coded! Thanks!

Die Laughing
There comes a moment when even the Joker needs to die. [Text]

In canon, Barbara broke up with Dick. She claimed he was getting too much like Bruce. Maybe it's the other way around? [Text]

Beware the characters who inhabit the shadows - you never know whose side they're on! [Text]

Batman and Wonder Woman have been close. Could they get closer? [Text]

Last Refuge of the Lost and Alone
It's Christmas on the Watchtower, and Green Lantern is finally coming home. [Text]

One Terrible Moment
A speculative fic about events leading up to Kingdom Come. [Text]

In an alternative universe, H'ronmeer's Curse was not so thoroughly fatal. [Text]

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