Wild Magic: Making Noise

by Greenygal

Okay, not 'Rith's fault this time. :) Darklady put a challenge out on the DCcomicslash list, involving a roaming rainbow globe of wild magic, leaving behind sudden random pairings wherever it goes. And, well, I've always wanted to do this one... Characters aren't mine, and boy are they grateful. ;)


"Hey, Bork!" Striker Z called as he came down the hall. "You know where I can find Skyrocket? She said she wanted my report on the Genom job, and I figured if she was in the building I could just drop it off with her--?"

Bork paused, nervously eyeing the closed door of the executive meeting room. "Well, yeah, she's in, but...."

"--murdering mercenary *slime*!"

"...she's kind of busy right now."

"Ah." Striker Z studied the closed door with the same lack of enthusiasm Bork had shown. The meeting room walls were fairly thick, but Skyrocket knew how to make herself heard, and bits and pieces of her diatribe came through clearly. "Manhunter?"

In response, a deeper voice snarled something in an unfamiliar language; regardless, neither Bork nor Striker Z had any problems understanding his meaning.

Striker Z winced. "What happened?"

Bork shrugged. "Last I heard they were doin' some kind of budget review. Next thing I knew--" inside the room, something crashed against the wall--"they were screaming down the house."

The two associates stood together, staring at the door. Invective continued to filter through it; neither combatant sounded like they were planning to stop anytime soon.

"We could go in there," Striker Z said after a minute.

"We could."

"Tell them they need to behave professionally. For the good of the company."

"'Cause Josiah can't do it all. Especially with Witchfire off who knows where."

"They're in charge. They need to learn to work together."

"Start getting along."

"Right. We could tell them that."

Neither of them moved.

"Where's Josiah?" Striker Z asked after a minute.

"Working with a client. Won't be back till tomorrow. Said he didn't want to be disturbed unless it was an emergency."

They watched the door a little longer. "Or we could just...let them work it out themselves. That's probably for the best, right?"

Bork nodded with a little more enthusiasm than strictly necessary. "Yeah, that's a good idea. Let 'em get it out of their systems. While we go...do something else. Outside the building."

But before they could turn to go, something flashed brightly on the other side of the door, and vivid rainbow light shone out through the edges for a moment before dissipating.

The yelling stopped. There was total silence for a minute, then several thuds and bangs sounded inside the room.

Striker Z reached for one of his weapons. "You think--?"

"I think we gotta check it out." Refereeing fights between the higher-ups might not be in their job descriptions, but weird flashes of light tended to mean supervillain attacks. That they could deal with.

On the other side of the door, a feminine voice moaned loudly.

Striker Z blanched and moved forward, and Bork shoved the door open, ready to rush in.

The scene that met them wasn't quite what they were expecting. And not just because they'd had no idea Skyrocket was that...flexible.

Both watched, frozen, for a little longer than strictly necessary. Mostly out of sheer inability to move.


Bork's sense of self-preservation kicked in first, and he dragged the kid back out of the doorway, pulling the door shut behind them.

Once again, they stared at each other.

"What the hell was that?" Striker Z demanded.

"Y'know, every job I've ever had, there are some things you don't want to know. I think we just found one of them."


"You wanna ask them about it?"

The younger associate's eyes went to the door. Manhunter was shouting now. Again, it wasn't intelligible; again, the listeners had no trouble understanding. "Uh...no."


Striker Z paused. "Do you think they saw us?"

"Didn't look like it. They looked pretty, uh, into what they were doing."

"So maybe if we just leave right now, we can pretend this never happened?"

"Good plan."

As they turned to go, Striker Z glanced back at the door and surprised himself with a grin. "Well, at least they're getting along now...."



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