by Greenygal

"Hey, Conn, I just--mmmph!"

The dark-haired artist currently sprawled on the floor blinked, slightly dazedly, up at the blond who'd just pounced on him. "Uh, Conn--" Again the words were cut off as the other man took firm possession of his mouth; he struggled for a moment, then relaxed into the kiss as it deepened, Connor's mouth exploring his thoroughly. The other man's body was warm against his skin--slightly dazed as he was, it took him a minute to realize that was literal truth; Conn's hands had slipped under his shirt and gone exploring...

"Mmm. Um. Mmm--" The moan turned into a protest as he remembered what he was here for, and he reached up to pull the hands away--not without reluctance.

Connor pouted (a thoroughly weird expression to see on the usually serene face) but reluctantly withdrew, though he remained where he was. The warm weight of him reminded Kyle painfully of how long it had been since they'd done anything; he swallowed and licked his suddenly dry lips. "Uh, Conn, do you think you could maybe...move?"

The bright head tilted in solemn consideration. "All right."

He began to slowly slither down Kyle's body, and the brunet yelped. "CONN!" The motion stilled, though that still left Conn in a position that was going to make Kyle embarrass

The cause of his discomfort blinked innocent green eyes at him. "Is something wrong?"

"Are you trying to drive me crazy?!"

"Yes." A brief pause before he asked, in tones of perfect sobriety and interest: "Is it working?" Kyle heard the laughter dancing below the words and glared at his lover; Connor only smiled.

The length of their acquaintance had given Kyle some immunity against that smile...but only some. His annoyance faded in its sweetness, and for a moment he was tempted to just forget what he'd been charged with and give in to its promise...

*Willpower. Green Lanterns are supposed to have willpower...* He sighed, and shoved at Connor--ineffectually; the other wasn't moving. "Conn..."

Connor looked stubborn; Kyle rolled his eyes. "Isn't this backward? Since when do I have to talk *you* out of it?"

"Since the woman claiming to be our Writer has barely touched us in *months*." His voice was wistful. "I miss you..."

Touched, Kyle reached up one hand to clasp Connor's. "Hey. You know you've always got me--no matter what the Writer does."

"Or what the official Writers do...?"

Kyle blinked in surprise and some anxiety. "Oh, Conn, c'mon, you're not gonna hold that against me? I *told* you--"

The emerald eyes were rueful. "I know. I'm sorry, I don't--" He made a frustrated gesture. "It's just hard, seeing you together, while *we*..." He flushed slightly. "And I--I remember how you felt about her, and--I worry. I know it's silly..."

Kyle's grip tightened, and his eyes held Connor's. "Conn. You have *nothing* to worry about. Jade and I were never meant to be, no matter what the me with her is thinking--assuming he *is* thinking, it would explain a lot... You're the one I'm with, you're the one I want. Always."

The green eyes warmed and brightened with an inner fire, and for a moment they simply sat, content in each other's presence.

Conn's voice broke the silence. "In that case, can I kiss you now?"

"Um..." It sounded like a really good idea, but he was vaguely aware there was something wrong with it. "There's...something I have to do."

Connor's eternal patience seemed slightly worn. "Which is..."

Kyle scrabbled in his memory for something he was fairly sure he'd known a few minutes ago, before all brain cells were coopted to deal with his clever-fingered lover. "It'! I'm supposed to tell 'Rith that Greenygal probably isn't going to get to see her before she goes, she'll see her sometime after she gets back, and this is an apology for not doing any writing on her vacation. And I think maybe a Happy New Year was in there, too."

A blond eyebrow raised inquisitively. "And is that all...?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it."

"Then, now that that's over with..." Connor paused, and smiled. This smile had nothing to with warmth or sweetness; it was pure predatory anticipation, and Kyle's eyes widened at the sight.

"I think," Connor continued, beginning gently to pull at Kyle's shirt, "we have some catching up to do..."





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