Into the Light

by Greenygal

A follow-up to Kerithwyn's "Foxhole."


"It's all right," Joan says. But there's a strained edge to her voice that makes Jay wince; he would almost prefer that she just yell at him.


"It's *all right*," she interrupts. "You're at war. Things happen in war." It might have sounded silly, a meaningless catchphrase picked up and repeated without comprehension--except for the look in Joan's eyes. It isn't only the men who are suffering through this war, and Joan has been getting her share and Jay's as well. He wishes it weren't that way, sometimes--wishes he could shelter her better--but he honestly doesn't know how he could get through this without her.

And he doesn't want to lose her. Not for this, not for anything. "It really wasn't...serious, Joan." Which is true, on the level he means; what he shared with Alan in those few mad moments was real, but--it wasn't like Joan.

"All right," she says one more time. "Then--I probably don't need to know any details." She smiles, tentatively. "But--I would appreciate it if there weren't a *lot* of details I didn't need to know. In the future."

And it's really no wonder that Jay loves this woman, after all. In a voice gone a little huskier than usual, he says, "I think I can promise that, honey."



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