Boys and Their Toys (Challenge Drabble)

by Greenygal

"Explain to me why we're doing this."

"Because it's fun. You remember fun?"

"*Yes*, I remember fun. This wasn't usually involved."

"Not getting any, huh? No wonder you're in such a bad mood all the time."

"That is *not* what I meant."

"So you're just naturally tight-assed?"

"Spending time with you has a lot to do with it."

"Then I'll have to see if I can't...loosen you up a little."

"I really don't like that look."


"Of course not."

"Then you won't mind playing along for a while. You can always stop if you don't like it..."

"I don't like it."

"Oh, yeah, *that's* giving it a chance."

"Ollie, this really isn't my thing..."

"No, *this* is your thing down here, I think..."

*indrawn breath* "Ol-l-lie..."

"It isn't? Sure feels like it..."

"Don' that..."

"Why? You don't like it?"

"...I'm going to hit you in another second..."

"I could make other suggestions."

"I think I'd enjoy hitting you more."

"That's what you say now."

"And later."

"Hey, once I get my hands on you, you'll be lucky to be able to say *anything*."

"Are you always so sure of yourself?"

"It's part of my charm."

"You're under the impression you have charm?"

"Among other attributes. *deliberate pause* Very substantial attributes."

"Yeah? I always figured the boxing-glove arrow was compensating for something."

"Hah. Lemme tell you, *this* can make any man's dreams a reality."

"Big talk."

"Believe it, pal. Before we're through, you're gonna be begging for more."

"How do you know? Maybe I'd be making you beg."

"No way. Some of us got it and some of us...don't."

"Get over here and I'll show you 'got it.'"

"Now that sounds like an offer I can't--mmmph!"

And much, much later, when our heroes have reached and passed a climax, Black Canary peers in to watch them sleeping. She smiles and tiptoes out, making plans for tomorrow....





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