Untitled (Challenge Drabble)

by Greenygal

Hesitantly: "Brainy?"

"What do you want?" Unapologetic rudeness, as per normal. But today wasn't normal.

"I heard about your mom. I'm sorry," Lyle offered quietly.


Sympathy mixed with frustration, but he took a breath and tried again. "If you want to talk--"

Icy green eyes finally lifted to meet his. "So I can pour out my grief? It's not as if we were close."

Which was nothing but the truth, but the frost in those words bespoke the pain lying under. Tentatively, Lyle reached out and put one hand on the other Legionnaire's arm. "She was still your mom, Brainy. It's okay to care about her; you're not a machine."

Brainy's mouth twisted in a humorless smile. "On the contrary. I was designed to be the ultimate thinking machine--brilliant--logical-- emotionless--"

"*Sprock* that!" Lyle snapped, suddenly furious. His hand tightened on Brainy's arm, and he flung his words full into the other's face. "You care. You love. That makes you human!"

Heartbeats ticked away before Brainy said, only: "Coluan." But that awful iron frost had drained out of his voice...

"Whatever. You're a *person*. And you're not her."

More silence, under that unreadable green gaze--Lyle felt suddenly abashed and stepped back. "Anyway. I just wanted--"

"Thank you." The voice was very small, and a little lost. "I--" But words seemed to fail him, and trailed into silence. Lyle hesitated, then reached out again, placing his hand over Brainy's--they'd never touched before; the green skin was smooth and warm, warmer than human.

Green fingers curled around his, and for a time no words were needed.





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