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Update! 5 new fics!

Presenting... Greenygal!

Greenygal doesn't have a webpage of her own. This is a crime. So I'm putting her stories here. :) She is my real-life Muse and betareader and has been my online friend for several wonderful, inspirational years. Love you, sweetie. *smooch* Now go read her fic before I tear up. ;)

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Assignations of Blame (and Fictives).
How to describe this?! After I wrote the two "Taking Aim" fics, I was complaining that Greedy!Roy had been keeping me from writing other things...and Greenygal channeled us BOTH for a conversation between Writer and Fictive. *G* I'm honored to be *her* fictive. Cautions: m/m slash implied.

In and Out of the Closet
I was feeling down and stressed over the nastier angst-bits of Sea and Sky...and Greenygal wrote this. Oh, yes, I'd watch this. ;) Cautions: m/m slash implied.

Longing for the Light
Donna and Wally share a moment.

A pic of Donna, for "Longing for the Light", by Marcus Mebes.

Golden Afternoon A jam fic by Greenygal, 'rith, and Dannell. Jean/Scott/Warren.

Second Chances
The SW6 Andromeda muses on her feelings for Brainiac 5.

They Never Listen
The Writer has a few words with her fictives.

Less Than Second Best
And now for something *completely* different! :) Fic based on the "Angel" series; Wesley muses. Cautions: m/m slash implied.

Secret Loves
Two colleagues from the wonderful show "West Wing" have a conversation. Cautions: m/m slash implied.

Greenygal's got a whole SERIES about these guys in her head. But she just teases me with bits like this. C'mon, everyone, let's nudge her until she writes it. Nuuuuuudge. In the meantime, read this. *G* Cautions: m/m slash implied.

Emerald Dreams
From a challenge over on the Batslash list. Drabble-licious. ;) Cautions: m/m slash implied.

Untitled Legion Drabble
Another response to the challenge. Cautions: m/m slash implied.

Boys and Their Toys
Third challenge response. Positively wicked. ^_^ Cautions: m/m slash implied.

When Kon Met Sandy
World's Finest -- the most unexpected combination. :)

While You Were Out
When Linda vanished from his memories, Wally tried to fill the void.

Shock Waves
Repsonse to JLA: OWAW. News travels fast....

Sacrifice (Joan)
Paula Brooks and Joan Dale, set during James Robinson's "The Golden Age". Disturbing themes.
For Paula's pov: Sacrifice (Paula) by 'rith.

Women's Work
Hawkgirl's tale, from the animated JLA series.

I Did What?!
Jesse Quick is justifiably unhappy about canon these days.... META.

Shattered Harmonies
Piper's story in three parts.

Alan Scott and Jay Garrick discuss recent events.

Jack Knight reacts.

Ayla considers her relationships with Cham and Brainy. Postboot.

Piper snippet
Piper muses.

Wolverine: Shattered
X-fic. Wolverine's thoughts during the "Shattering" storyline.

Bad Dreams
Certain events in the Titans comics really WERE just bad dreams for Our Heroes. ;) A Sea & Sky story.

Night and Fire
Black Adam wants something. Atom-Smasher isn't sure. Slash themes.

West Wing fic. Sam and Josh discuss why. Slash themes.

Red and Black
Animated JLA. Another universe, different dynamics. ^_^ Mild slash.

Virgin Vignettes
Two 50-word fics for the "virgin" challenge. Slash themes.

Skeleton in the Closet
Mr. Bones and the Star-Spangled Kid.

Daredevil fic. Foggy reflects on current events.

Phantom Ache
Jo thinks about his love for Tinya. Postboot.

Inescapable Bonds
Ruse fic. Simon wasn't just Malcolm's assistant. Slash themes.

Sensations of Victory
Daredevil fic.

Red Tide
S&S AU fic. Garth goes through some...changes. Slash.

Wild Magic: Making Noise
Challenge fic, starring the Power Company.

Wild Magic: Nature of the Beast
Challenge fic, starring Orion and Lightray. Slash.

Good Enough
TBoarder asked for characters fantasizing about Troia. This is what I came up with.

Last Goodbye
Gar says farewell.

Emerald Lemonade
Kyle just can't catch a break.

Into the Light
Joan understands.

Tegra knows her husband.

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