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I hope to keep a running index of all of the Batwoman's appearances in canon, with scans as they can be gathered from other sources (usually scans_daily).

3/9/07: No idea how long I'm going to keep this up, considering DC hasn't bothered to actually *do* anything with Batwoman....

Cover to 52: Week Eleven

Batwoman Canon

Her appearances in chronological order.

Batwoman design sketch by Alex Ross.

Batwoman from the Infinite Crisis final spread.

52: Week Seven: Renee Montoya goes to see her old girlfriend Katherine "Kate" Kane, trying to track down information about a warehouse that might be owned by the Kane family. Kate greets her with a punch and Renee notes, "Somewhere along the line, someone taught her how to throw a punch." They argue but eventually Kate agrees to find the information for Renee.

Kate the socialite

Kate and Renee 1
Kate and Renee 2
Kate and Renee 3
Kate and Renee 4

52: Week Nine: A single panel of the costumed Batwoman, watching Vic (The Question) and Renee as they discuss their investigations.

Batwoman's first appearance

52: Week Eleven: Kate meets Renee and Vic in the park to give them the results of her inquries about the warehouse. Waiting in the car is Kate's new girlfriend, Mallory, a doctor. The building is owned by the Kane family, and Kate demands to be told what Renee's unlicensed investigation is about; Renee refuses, hoping to keep Kate safely out of the way.

Later, Vic and Renee break into the warehouse and are quickly overwhelmed by animalistic humanoids when the Batwoman appears and handily beats the creatures off. She shoves Renee to keep her from killing one of the creatures, and Renee thinks: "It's a good hit...somewhere along the line, someone taught her how to throw a punch...someone taught her how to...I'll be damned."

Kate in the park 1
Kate in the park 2
Batwoman appears
Renee gets an eyeful
Renee gets a clue
Batwoman makes a dramatic exit

52: Week Twenty-Eight: During their travels to Khandaq and Nanda Parbat, Vic and Renee discover a prophecy in the new Intergang's Book of Crime about how the "daughter of Kane" is supposed to have her heart ripped out as a sacrifice. They return to Gotham to warn Batwoman, using the Bat-signal to call her. Later, Batwoman is beating up more animal-humanoids in a church when Bruno Mannheim gets the drop on her and prepares to kill her when Vic and Renee appear from hiding, having accompanied Batwoman to the scene. Renee threatens Mannheim with her alien-tech gun and he tosses Batwoman at them, using the distraction to get away.

Renee uses the signal...
...and a Bat appears
Forewarned, Kate kicks monster ass
Good thing she brought backup
"I hate it when they do that"

52: Week Thirty: Vic has taken a turn for the worse and Kate offers shelter and medical care; after some reluctance, Renee agrees. Later, Batwoman crashes in on a bunch of animal-humanoids, looking for Mannheim. Nightwing shows up and together they defeat the creatures, then agree to hunt for Mannheim.

House call
What it's going to cost me
Please, Renee.
Always...ask the question
Where's Mannheim?
Are you just planning on getting an eyeful?
I've got a thing for redheads
Trust me, I'm not your type
Nice meeting you, too

Infinite Holiday Special: "Lights." Kate and her family celebrate Hanukkah: Her grandmother, father (a colonel), and stepmother Catherine. As Batwoman, Kate recovers a stolen menorah that leads her to lost members of her grandmother's family.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9

52: Week Thirty-Three: Nightwing gives Batwoman a Christmas present: a real Batarang. Back at the house, Kate can only watch as Renee cares for a dying Vic. She tries to offer Renee comfort and they share a Christmas kiss.

We shan't have crying on Christmas
For the Bat who has everything
No, not really just another Batarang
I met a man who was not there
I'm still with you
I love you, too
Merry Christmas, Renee

52: Week Thirty-Six: Despite Kate's protests, Renee decides to take Vic back to Nanda Parbat in the hope that something there can save his life. Kate can only watch as Renee leaves Gotham again.

This is a bad idea
or I'll die trying

Batman 655: One year later, Alfred is chiding Bruce about his recent lack of attention to his playboy status: "You were always in the newspapers. Glamor girls like Kathy Kane, Julie Madison, Vicki Vale, Silver St. Cloud." -- I'm not sure this is actually a Kate reference, given the name ("Kathy," not Kate) and the order of references.

Teen Titans 39: One year later, Miss Martian is reading the minds of unidentified Titans when one (most likely Flamebird) thinks, "Aunt Kathy's in Gotham. I should go too. I wonder if Nightwing has a girlfriend yet..." -- Traditionally Bette Kane was Kathy Kane's niece; it seems likely this applies to Kate too.

Detective 824: One year later, Penguin invites Batman to visit his club: "Why don't you bring that new Batwoman? I hear she's kind of hot." -- This reference seems to indicate that Kate survives the 52 storyline.

Penguin's invitation

Batwoman Fanfiction

Again as gathered from around the 'Net, particularly with the help of the dcfic_index.

What Could Have Been Drabble, femslash (Dinah/Batwoman, Babs/Dinah), Dick/Babs implied. Summary: Oracle hears about the new Batwoman before anyone else.

A Many Splendoured Thing. (Part 4 of 10). Barbara Gordon/Kathy Kane. Summary: Change is a many splendoured thing to the casual observer. It also has a tendency to suck, big time, for those experiencing it. Barbara repeats it, because she’s not ready to let go. Whatever way she has to hold on.

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